How to Reduce Attrition at Your Restaurant

By Adrien

15 Sep 2023

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Strategies for Retaining Top Talent

The restaurant industry is notorious for high turnover rates, which can affect everything from staff morale to customer service and your bottom line. In this rapidly evolving business landscape, retaining top talent is more critical than ever. Below are some strategies you can implement to reduce attrition and keep your employees engaged and committed to your establishment.

Before you set out to solve this problem, you need to understand its root causes. Exit interviews can provide valuable insights into why employees leave. Reasons range from better pay elsewhere, lack of growth opportunities to poor management or bad workplace environment.

Growth Opportunities

When employees see a clear path to growth within their workplace, they feel valued, motivated, and invested in their roles. The promise of advancement not only boosts their professional aspirations but also fosters a sense of loyalty to the organisation.

This is why we at Recipeat typically recommend our clients establish a system of upskilling and advancement. Blue-collar workers who start out as cleaners or service staff can be upskilled and transitioned to the kitchen for example to earn a higher salary. 

Offering Competitive Salaries

Being competitive in your pay rates is an essential aspect of employee retention. Research what your competitors or similar establishments in your area are paying and aim to match or exceed that rate.

Wellness Benefits

Aside from a competitive salary, incorporating benefits like health insurance, accommodation, and staff meals are all great ways to induce comfort in your staff, hence reducing the risk of attrition. This also favours you in attracting quality employees.

Work-Life Balance

The restaurant industry can be demanding, so offering flexible working hours can greatly improve the work-life balance for your staff. 
Consider providing paid time-off or even unpaid sabbaticals for long-serving, essential employees to recharge.

Open Communication

Create an environment where staff feel comfortable voicing their concerns and suggestions. Regular team meetings, especially before service can be a good forum for this.

Employee Recognition

Implement an employee-of-the-month program, or provide small incentives for a job well done, like vouchers, nice meals, or an extra day off.

Last, but not least – have an exit strategy. While retaining employees is the goal, some turnover is inevitable. Make the exit process as smooth as possible to leave a good impression. Word travels around quickly in this industry, and having a bad name is never worth it.

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