Pastry Chef

Salary Range

12000- ₹ 20000

Skills Required

Food Safety / Food Hygiene

Food preparation

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Operating Kitchen Equipment

Inventory Management

Food Knowledge


Work with dough


Recipe Development: Create and innovate pastry recipes. Production Oversight: Supervise pastry production for quality. Menu Collaboration: Work with the culinary team on a cohesive dessert menu. Training and Supervision: Train and manage pastry staff. Quality Control: Ensure consistent quality and presentation. Inventory Management: Monitor and order pastry ingredients. Cost Management: Work within budgetary constraints. Hygiene and Safety: Adhere to health and safety standards. Collaboration: Coordinate with kitchen and front-of-house teams. Customer Interaction: Gather feedback and accommodate special requests. Innovation: Stay updated on baking trends and techniques. Culinary Degree: Possess a culinary degree or equivalent experience. Leadership Skills: Demonstrate leadership in the pastry kitchen. Creativity: Showcase creativity in dessert presentation. Customer Satisfaction: Enhance overall dining satisfaction through desserts. Time Management: Efficiently manage time in a fast-paced environment. Organizational Skills: Maintain an organized and clean pastry station. High-Volume Experience: Previous experience in a high-volume kitchen. Ingredient Knowledge: Strong understanding of pastry ingredients. Cost Control Measures: Implement measures to control costs. Health Regulations: Ensure compliance with health regulations. Customer-Facing Role: Occasionally interact with customers for feedback. Dietary Accommodations: Accommodate special dietary requests. Training Programs: Develop and implement pastry training programs. Taste Tests: Conduct regular taste tests for quality assurance. Menu Changes: Communicate menu changes with front-of-house staff. Budget Collaboration: Collaborate with management to set pastry prices. Cleanliness Standards: Adhere to cleanliness and sanitation standards. Innovative Concepts: Introduce innovative concepts to the dessert menu. Industry Trends: Stay informed on emerging pastry trends. Proactive Management: Proactively manage inventory levels. Training Materials: Develop materials for pastry staff training. Culinary Creativity: Express culinary creativity in pastry offerings. Communication Skills: Effectively communicate with kitchen and service teams. Recipe Adjustments: Adjust recipes based on customer feedback. Customer-Focused Approach: Maintain a customer-focused approach to desserts. Unique Presentations: Develop unique presentations for pastries. Efficient Ordering: Place efficient and timely ingredient orders. Budget Adherence: Adhere to budget constraints for ingredients. Innovative Ingredients: Experiment with innovative pastry ingredients. Menu Diversity: Ensure a diverse range of pastry options. Trend Incorporation: Incorporate industry trends into the menu. Customer Interaction Training: Train staff in customer interaction. Timely Order Processing: Process pastry orders in a timely manner.

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Preferrable Experience

Minimum 1 years


No Accommodation Provided

No Reference Required

Mahatama Gandhi Road

Full Time

Posted 2 months ago

Bangalore, India

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